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Our 3 offers

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, remember that you can contact us for a custom-made project. The AiLead solution provides three profiles based on the customer’s needs. The service has a minimum duration of three months after which the customer can eventually decide not to continue, without incurring penalties or additional costs. Maximum flexibility is also given by the option for the client to activate the services provided in a superior package, even for a single or more months, and then return to the initial fee for the consecutive months.


  • 4 post CTA/mo AI optimized (based on existing ones)
  • Keyword trend analysis / 1xmo
  • Competitor trend analysis / 1xmo
  • Audience Analysis for Ads / 1xmo
  • Sentiment Analysis for your Brand / 1xmo


  • 6 post CTA/mo AI optimized (based on existing ones)
  • Keyword trend analysis / 2xmo
  • Competitor trend analysis / 2xmo
  • Audience Analysis for Ads / 2xmo
  • Ads Analysis based on audience interest / 2xmo
  • Sentiment Analysis for your Brand / 2xmo


Everything in PROFESSIONAL plus:

  • If you have not a SMM we will setup anything for you
  • Story Viewer (Instagram e Facebook)
  • Post liker (Instagram)

Guaranteed access to all Dashboards!

You will be able to access the editorial plan and engage with our Social Media Analysts.
You will also have access to CRM to better manage your contacts and follow the various marketing interactions you have with them step by step, from initial contact to sale.